Michael Hales



Michael is a Tipperary based artist. In his work he explores the  abstract landscape. Concentrating on the horizon line, common to all landscapes and vistas. That which defines our understanding of place. Our horizon changes and when added to our previous knowledge we can gain a greater understanding. Hence an essential part of the concept of any situation is the concept of “horizon”. The horizon is the vision that includes everything that can be seen from a particular vantage point. A person who has no horizon is one who does not see far enough.  Possibly over values what is nearest to them. On the other hand, “to have an horizon” means not being limited.  But being able to see beyond it.

Michael has developed his practice through working with encaustic. Combining the fluidity of the beeswax & damar resin with the vibrancy of oil painting. Through this bold use of colour, applied in layers using heat and carving previous strata, an abstract landscape is summoned into being on the heavily worked birch ply surface.

Michael is influenced by the current zeitgeist. A growing cultural response, to an incredibly fast changing world, has developed an increasing nostalgic view of the past. The images aim to evoke wistful memories. Glimpses of inviting landscapes that appear both heavily abstracted and familiar at once.

He is currently working from his own studio in Emly.